Espressivo 3in1 Coffee Machine

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A barista for your kitchen

Aimed at the coffee enthusiast, every aspect of the award-winning Espressivo is specifically designed to create the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latté every time. From the 15 BAR pump (the ideal pressure for the perfect 'crema' head) to the Thermobloc water heating system (providing instant hot water and steam), the Espressivo combines professional quality with ease of use.

Key Features

Espressivo Coffee Machine

  • Hot water and steam ‘on demand’:

    Thermobloc water heating system works like a combi-boiler, heating water and steam instantly to make sure you never run out of steam. The result? Less waiting time, more drinking time

  • Automatic purge:

    Instantly cools from steaming to optimum coffee temperature, ensuring the perfect latté or cappuccino, cup after cup after cup.....

  • 3 coffee options in 1 versatile machine

    With Dualit, you have the freedom to choose. From convenient NX Capsules and mess-free ESE Pods, to an unlimited choice of exotic ground coffee blends, you'll be drinking what you want, when you want it.


  • 3 coffee options - patented NX Capsules, ESE Pods and ground coffee
  • Self-priming 15 BAR pressure pump
  • 40 second warm-up time
  • Thermobloc (water heating on demand) water heating system for instant hot water and constant steam
  • 1.5L removable water tank
  • Easy-froth nozzle for the perfect cappuccino foam
  • Cast aluminium and stainless steel body
  • Extra cup height clearance for mugs
  • Large cup/mug warming plate
  • Pop-up ‘drip tray full’ indicator
  • Three coffee options: single serve, dual serve and ESE pod
  • Accessory holder to keep pod and froth nozzle to hand

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