Espress-auto 3in1 Coffee Machine

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Your Kitchen Coffee Shop

Dualit's Espress-auto 3in1 Coffee Machine extracts the precise measure for the perfect espresso, lungo or cup of aromatic coffee at the touch of a button. Offering patented functionality, with 3 coffee options in 1 versatile machine, you can choose from a world of ground coffee, convenient NX Capsules and mess-free ESE Pods at your kitchen's very own coffee shop.

    Key Features

    Espress-Auto Coffee Machine

    • Measures at the touch of a button

      Intuitive coffee machine with automatic dose control. Your touch button barista also has a programmable dosing memory that recalls the size of your favourite cup.

    • Temperature boost and continuous froth

      Like your coffee that little bit hotter? With Dualit’s temperature boost, you can have your coffee just the way you like it.

    • 3 coffee options in 1 versatile machine

      With Dualit, you have the freedom to choose. From convenient NX Capsules and mess-free ESE Pods, to an unlimited choice of exotic ground coffee blends, you'll be drinking what you want, when you want it.

    More Features

    • Auto dosing - precise measures for a perfectly extracted coffee
    • Programmable dosing memory to fit your desired cup
    • 3 coffee options - patented NX Capsules, ESE Pods and ground coffee
    • Temperature boost: up to 3˚C hotter
    • Dualit's patented Pure Pour® delivers a smooth & consistent flow
    • Dedicated steam control
    • Ultra fast thermobloc (water heating on demand) rather than boiler heating
    • Automatic purge: instantly cools from steaming to optimum coffee temperature
    • Heat up time: 40 seconds (approx)
    • Extra height for cups
    • Cup warming plate
    • Easy to use and clean milk frother
    • Stainless steel and aluminium body
    • Non-slip drip tray mat
    • Includes Stainless steel frothing jug
    • Pop-up 'drip tray full' indicator
    • 1.5L removable water reservoir
    • 15 bar pump
    • 1350W

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