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A perfect combination

Dualit's Combi toasters are perfect for those who want the flexibility and convenience of making both toast and toasted sandwiches. They come complete with one or two sandwich cage(s), as well as all the other features and functionality you expect from a Dualit toaster.

For perfect buns, bagel and teacakes

Dualit's commercial bun toasters are specifically designed to toast one side of the bun whilst warming the other, by heating the elements on each side of the slot to different temperatures. They are perfect for burger buns, hot cross buns, bagels, muffins and tea cakes.

For the perfect toasted sandwich

Dualit's commercial sandwich toasters are compact, convenient and specifically designed to make the perfect toasted sandwich. They come in two or four slot versions, with sandwich cages that hold even the deepest fillings and catch any over-spill in an integral drip tray.

Design icon, kitchen workhorse

Dualit's classic toasters are a design icon. Built for commercial use, they have since won numerous consumer accolades and come in a range of variants, sizes and colours.

From the Vario to the enhanced NewGen and the more specialised Sandwich, Combi and Bun toasters, they all share the same timeless styling, reliability and Dualit design features. Engineered to produce the best toast in the world, Dualit toasters are still built by hand in the UK, with the assembler's stamp on every base plate. So whether you're a toast aficionado at home, or a professional caterer needing to produce 80 toasted sandwiches an hour, we can guarantee that one of our Dualit toasters will be perfect for you.

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