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Convenience of a pop-up toaster, designed specifically for commercial use

The four slot Pop-Up toaster combines all the convenience of a pop-up toaster with the reliability and robustness of a commercial product. Its 7.5Kg stainless steel body has the build quality you'd expect from Dualit, whilst commercial-grade ProHeat elements, rigorous testing and numerous replaceable parts ensure it's built to last a lifetime. But its trademark is simplicity and convenience.

An intelligent browning system and spring-loaded slots ensure even and consistent toasting, whilst the pop-up feature and browning control (set once for repeat cycles) makes it virtually foolproof!


  • Unique patented ProHeat elements Exclusive to Dualit, Proheat elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament making them virtually unbreakable
  • Pop-Up It couldn’t be simpler: drop in the bread and lower the lever. The toast will automatically pop-up, browned to perfection, when ready
  • Replaceable parts designed for continual, day in - day out use. However, if wear and tear eventually take their toll, virtually every part can be replaced

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