A smooth operator

Nothing beats the Dualit blender for perfect smoothies, sauces and soups. A 550W motor with pulse turbo button make light work of the most dense ingredients. The alternating blade speed on the 'ice crushing' setting makes perfectly iced drinks in under a minute and several clever design features ensure safety, making the blender exceptionally easy to use.




    The first cooked side of the crepe is the ‘best’ side.


    Creamy Herb Sauce

    Serve this as a dip with raw vegetables or wholewheat toast fingers, or swirl on to a dark lentil or tomato soup.


    Cream Of Green Pea Soup

    A lovely fresh-tasting soup, ideal for spring or early autumn.


    Courgette Soup

    The parmesan brings out the flavours of the courgettes, but don’t boil or microwave after the cheese is added or it will begin to coagulate.

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