Choose your perfect colour

Canvas white

The canvas white range is one of our favourites. It's somewhere between white and soft cream, and works wonderfully with either contemporary or traditional kitchens. It brings to mind the retro kitchenware that’s currently en vogue, yet it’s still modern, sleek and not too cold to be comfortable. It’s highly versatile and will match almost anything, whilst also being just a little different. All products that are available in canvas white are shown below; if you’re wondering whether a white kettle would be too stark and a cream kettle too warm, then maybe this is the range for you!

Stand Mixer

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With a 1000W motor and powerful planetary mixing action, Dualit's Stand Mixer offers the recipe for easy baking success. Incorporating unique features, including instant pause and a handy count up and count down timer, no task is too big for your baking best friend. Complete with inspirational recipes to get you started on the road to baking bliss - from cupcakes and cookies to fresh homemade bread.

Hand mixer

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With multiple speeds and a variety of attachments, Dualit's Hand Mixer is a true multi-tasker for aspiring chefs. Whether you need to whisk up egg whites, knead bread dough or create the perfect pudding batter, the right combination of speed setting and beater type will be perfect for the job.

XL900 Food Processor

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Dualit's XL900 food processor comprises two interconnecting bowls, eight tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding, and a unique E-disc for emulsifying liquids. Other unique features include a sealed drive system (the large bowl has no central hole) and a fully adjustable slicer. Its ingenious design means that you can fit both bowls inside each other, removing each one as it's used and leaving the washing up until last.